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Commercial Pilot License

A Commercial Pilots License (CPL) will enable you to pursue a career in aviation as a professional pilot. With the ability to fly passengers commercially and work from anywhere in the world, this career option is both rewarding and exciting. Our highly skilled instructors are committed to your journey and overall success from start to completion. The average time frame to complete a CPL while training full time is around 12-18 months from start to finish, depending on commitment and budget.

Eligibility and Cost

  • 18 years of age prior to sitting the CPL Flight Test

  • Hold an aviation class 1 medical certificate

  • Hold a PPL

  • Meet the ‘Fit & Proper Person’ requirements of NZCAA

  • Be competent in spoken English to meet NZCAA requirements

Cost = POA

Practical Requirements

  • Cross country – total

  • Cross country – dual instruction

  • Cross country – solo

  • Mountain – total

  • Sling

  • Sling dual

  • Flight test

  • Total time

20 hours

8 hours

8 hours

10 hours

10 hours

7 hours

2 hours

152 hours

Theory Requirements

  • CPL Navigation and Flight planning

  • CPL Air Law

  • CPL Meteorology

  • CPL Aircraft Technical Knowledge

  • CPL Human Factors

  • CPL Principles of Flight

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